Wash inside out at no more than 30 degrees (do not consider the instructions on the garment label as this was before printing) Careful attention to garment instructions will minimise likelihood of staining Avoid leaving kit folded or bundled together whilst damp or soiled after use. (This could damage the print) Garments may discolour due to staining by substances such as mud, grass or petroleum jelly which may not entirely be removed by washing Soaking garments in tepid water and detergent, (approx 2 hours), as soon as possible after use can reduce discoloration The use of pre-wash soaker will assist in the removal of stains, particularly with white kits Use at least an equal amount of water by volume to that of the garment being soaked or washed Utilise the pre-wash programme on automatic washing machines Do not overload the washing machine Wash dark colours separately in low temperatures at no more than 30 degrees Do not tumble dry printed garments (in time this may cause the print to lift) Rinse thoroughly, hang to dry, cold iron Do not bleach or use aggressive agents i.e. fabric conditioner/softener, do not iron custom printing

If printed must only be hand washed at a cold temperature Wipe clean with a damp cloth, or cold wash, turning garment inside out
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron motifs
Do not fold damp
Do not use fabric conditioner or detergent on garments

DSK Company Ltd do not take responsibility for damage to garments or custom printing if the above
instructions/guidance is not adhered to.